in 2016 BRSY BIO It wasn't until 2013 AD that Brenden decided that he either make music his life or Die at the hands of a 9-5.  It was that day in October 2013 that Brenden discovered Ableton and begin to produce those crazy sounds…  The outcome of what I create and love will be posted on this page….enjoy.  :)  BRSY the Digital Prophet   Cali Made : Chicago Raised : Global Citizen It is rumored that a chance meeting in the Atlanta airport with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legend "Donavan" ( you can Google him, I didn't know who he was at the time either) was the beginning of BRSY.   However, this was not the beginning of BRSY's love of dance music.   At the age of 14, Brenden (BRSY..duh) snuck away from home to attend his first warehouse "rave" and the seed was planted in his heart that he knew what he wanted to do with his life.  The next day he ran to the local music store and attempted to describe the sounds he had heard the night before and with a nod, the record merchant handed him Future Sound of London album & Vegas by Crystal Method.  Then life happened.